it sucks being the ugly quiet rude sarcastic emotionally unstable friend with the attention span of a goldfish

i’ve never read something so accurate

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Anxiety is like perpetually hearing the boss/enemy music but never seeing the threat.

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Santa Monica, CA

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that freckle in my left cheek 

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I figure there’s never too many uneventful butt pictures

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I thought this was a latte.

it is a catte.

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Cheer season needs to come back like immediately

Booty for dayzzzz

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Literally the most gorgeous firearm I have ever seen. The lines are so clean and the simplicity of the furniture mixed with the elegance of the gold makes this the most astounding thing man has ever built.

It’s pretty, not going to say it’s the most beautiful gun I’ve ever seen. But it is very nice.

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  • depending on the band, you’ll probably want to get there early to be on the barricade. but this guide is not barricade specific, so it won’t really be focused on that!
  • however it is still a good idea to get there at least a few hours before doors because if you’re short like me you’ll want to be able to see the stage as well as you can and generally it’s best to be as close as possible! don’t worry if you can’t get there early enough for the barricade, you’ll still be able to experience the show perfectly.
  • hydrate beforehand!! i cannot stress that enough. you will most likely be packed tightly in a crowd of hot and sweaty people, jumping around and singing a lot. you. will. get. thirsty. really thirsty! and you can’t bring a water bottle in with you, so drink water before doors!!! 
  • if you have hair even remotely long enough to be put in a bun PLEASE DO IT. long hair or even unruly moderately short hair can be a hazard to you and those around you. it can get in people’s mouths, it can be pulled, it can get stuck. just. please do it. also it’ll keep you cooler in the hot crowd!
  • wear something that is comfortable to move around in. if it’s cold out while you’re waiting in line obviously wear whatever you need to keep yourself warm, but if you have access to a car (yours, your parents, your friends) you should put your stuff in it before you go in! it’s worth it to be a bit chilly for 20 minutes if it means not having to deal with extra clothes in the pit. i usually wear a tshirt and jeans. don’t wear anything that could be ripped off of you or anything like a tube top/dress that could fall down, etc.
  • DON’T WEAR HEELS OR ANYTHING OPEN TOED. wear shoes that are comfortable to jump around in, that will stay securely on your feet. i wear combat boots or converse, and shoes like vans and sneakers work perfectly fine as well.
  • loose jewelry is bad!! don’t wear a necklace - it could choke you. don’t wear dangly earrings or anything other than studs - they could get ripped out. if your ears are stretched, you might lose your plugs/tapers/etc because they might fall out. mine have before! my solution was finding metal plugs that screw in to each other and they never fell out. if you have facial piercings, make sure the balls are screwed on tightly because i’ve lost those in crowds as well! and just, don’t wear jewelry you care about. it could get lost very easily.
  • you don’t need to bring a lot of things in. venues check your bags as you go in and you don’t want to hold up the line as they go through your big bag of things. all you really need is your cell phone and ticket, but there will be sweat and beer and god knows what so you don’t want either of those items to be exposed because phones break and tickets get soggy and gross (some people, like myself, like to save tickets!!). just don’t bring a large backpack. please. 
  • if you’re a girl you have two options for a place to put your belongings. you can put your phone/tickets in your bra to be safe but put it in a plastic baggie and put THAT in your bra. that way it’ll be safe from elements. another option is to bring a small flat crossbody purse, but those can easily get caught on another person in the crowd and could be painful so be careful.
  • luckily for dudes, they have big and deep pockets to put their things. seriously, it’s fuckin’ absurd that guys have pockets large enough for water bottles but girls jeans sometimes have FAKE pockets. anyway, if you’re a guy, stick your things in your pockets. issue solved.
  • if you’re going with friends and one of them happens to decide to hang back and not go in the pit (maybe they don’t like crowds but want to enjoy the rad live tunes, maybe they’re old enough to drink and will hang out near the bar), check prior to the show if they would be kind enough to hold on to your things while you’re in the pit! 
  • you will be pushed. i often go to shows and hear people complaining about being pushed in the pit. you are at a concert!!! it will happen!!!!! maybe you know you’re going to get pushed but you don’t expect it to be that much and when you get there it’s a shock - please please please refrain from complaining unless you are literally in an emergency and in that case you should be leaving the crowd. if you can’t handle it, know your limits. but don’t complain the whole show because it’ll just piss off the people around you. you’re going to be pushed, and so is everyone else, do either don’t be a big baby about it or leave.
  • stick your arms up if there’s a crowd surfer passing over you. it’ll encourage others to do the same, and nobody will get dropped! i’ve been dropped three times and it’s painful and not fun!!!!! even if you’re short and weak, do the best you can to help out. you do make a difference! don’t just cower and wait for other people to do it instead. 
  • Helping a crowd surfer go on your merry way is easy and beneficial to your safety too - just lift your arms up and push them along. In doing this you can also protect your head and neck from any injuries you might get, as crowd surfers don’t have much control and might accidentally kick you, or worse, fall on top of you.
  • if someone needs to get out of the pit and is trying to leave a tight knit area, try to help make room for them and ask others to help clear a path so that they can get through!! there are many reasons why someone would need to get out ranging from being sick or scared or hurt, so just help them as much as you can!
  • if someone is touching you inappropriately, tell them to stop.
  • don’t touch anyone inappropriately if you can help it. you’re at a show and will be packed tight together like sardines so you’ll be touching regardless but don’t touch wrongly with intent, don’t use being pressed together as an excuse to cop a feel. it’s rude. if you’re afraid someone might get the wrong idea and it’s really nothing, apologize and let them KNOW that you don’t mean for the awkward and compromising touching. and then try your best to move so that it’s less awkward and weird.

I can’t think of anything else to add but I hope this helps a few of you first time concert attendees, or those of you who are going to be at a show with general admission for the first time!!

This summer will be full of first time GA concert goers, so please share this post to help some homies out!

I wish I had this post 3 years ago. God bless. 

Oh and another tip….


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Coil wrap slyme rig. Thanks for looking. by santacruzglasspics


Humorous Movie Marquee Mash-Ups

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Thor + Dark World end credits

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